Commonly used Protocols and Ports

In this story we will look at some common networking ports and protocols. These are basically categorized either TCP or UDP protocols. Before we even deep dive into the ports and portocols, lets understand TCP and UDP.

What is TCP and UDP?

Lets understand this with an example. Bob is sending a valentine package everyday for the next 14 days to Alice using FDX carrier. In case of TCP scenario, the FDX carrier makes sure the recepient exists and address is right, it guarantees the safe delivery, it delivers the packages in order (for the next 14 days), it is a bit slow because it does all checks and balances before delivering. On the other hand, for UDP scenario, the FDX carrier does not check with the recepient instead just sent it, no guarantees on delivery of packages, it delivers the packages in any order, it is fast delivery because it does not do checks and balances as TCP does.

Protocols and Ports Name

Some of the most common ports and protocols are-




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